How to disable Autoplay and Autorun

For beginning, we think that the best introduction on how to disable Autoplay or Autorun in Windows, you can read from the following article:

“Probably most of you had sometimes problem with your PC, when you got virus from some USB flash drive, or some other kind of removable drives. How this happens, and how to protect your PC from this, read further.

Autorun is feature in Windows that can cause to all of us much more bad than good things. This feature enables designated files to run when an Autorun-enabled drive (like USB or some other) is inserted into the computer.

Autorun allows executable files on a  removable drive to be run automatically when we try access the drive. This works thanks to a file named autorun.inf. When a drive is accessed, Windows checks if there is autorun.inf and, and if found, follows the instructions contained in file. You can guess what kind of instructions contain when it’s about viruses.

So, the next logic question would be how to disable autoplay or autorun viruses?  Well, an autorun/autoplay virus copies itself to the root of the drive, then creates or modifies the autorun.inf file, and then just looks for similar drives and repeats the process on any drives that are discovered.

Reasearches showed us that one of the easiest way your PC can get infected with virus, is this way, via autorun/autoplay viruses. Today in the world, having flash disks all over, and putting it into a lot of different computers, brings us danger much bigger then we can imagine.

How to disable autorun/autoplay? Well, online you can find lots of tutorials, that you can edit registry to do this, or that you can use policy editor. But, non of this ways are safe!

Group policy editor(gpedit) is not available on Windows XP Home edition. Even worse, a bug in Windows prevents Autorun from being properly disabled via group policy editor. Microsoft released an Autorun patch to address this flaw, however there is a much more easier and safe way that will work equally well in all versions of XP and Vista and Windows 7. For details, see How to Disable AutoPlay.

Of course, when you disable Autoplay in this way, you will not mess up your system, and your PC will be much more safe and protected. ”


More about Autoplay functionality you can read at Microsoft web site here

How to disable autoplay

How to disable Autoplay in Windows

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