Autorun and Autoplay – Are they really dangerous

If you ever wondered how your PC get infected with virus when you insert USB flash disk, or any other kind of removable drive, then you are reading exactly what you need.
PC can get infected if autorun and autoplay options are enabled. They are enabled ny default in Windowx XP, Vista and 7.

Somehow, Microsoft find this options really usefull, so insist on them so much. It\’s strange really, cause these option present potetnial security hole, but I guess we already got used to strange things and decisions from Microsoft.

Anyway, if you want to stop, to completly disable this options, in some Windows operating systems, will not be easy at all. You would have to edit Registry base, which is really risky. You could use GPEDIT, but there is also a problem. There is a bug in this tool, Microsoft even released a patch for it. So you need to apply patch also, and then follow the instructions to disable this dangerous options. Pretty complicated.

There is also another way. The easiest and most safe way at the momet. You can use Autoplay Disabler Pro! Works for Windows XP, Vista and 7, for any kind of removable drives. And really works. It will enable or disable both of these options, with only one click. You can download this tool from

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