365HP Batmobile Hits eBay, Going For $620K [Internet]

Do you fancy a spin around town in Bruce Wayne’s favorite ride? Then head on over to popular auction site eBay, which is reportedly selling a Batman’s Batmobile for just a tad over $600,000. First off, the bad news. This Batmobile wasn’t used in any of the Hollywood Batman movies; instead, it is a replica Batmobile built by Putsch Racing. Also, this particular Batmobile wasn’t used by Christian Bale (as seen in the ‘Dark Knight’ version of Batman). Instead, it’s a replica of the 1989 model Batmobile, which starred Michael Keaton as the masked crusader. (Source: espn1420.com) And depending on …

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Source: http://www.infopackets.com/news/internet/2011/20110906_365hp_batmobile_hits_ebay_going_for_620k.htm

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