Take a Penny, Leave a Penny Gets Hi-Tech Facelift [Internet]

The goodwill service of “take a penny, leave a penny” appears to have undergone a hi-tech facelift thanks to a social experiment that blends the services of Twitter with the major coffee enterprise, Starbucks. A few months ago, Jonathan Stark purchased a Starbucks reloadable gift card. But what made “Jonathan’s Card” different than the hundreds of others purchased on the same day is that he decided to post a photo of the card on his Twitter account and encouraged visitors to use it to purchase a coffee or snack free of charge. The concept is very unique. A visitor would simply have to upload …

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Source: http://www.infopackets.com/news/internet/2011/20110902_take_a_penny_leave_a_penny_gets_hi_tech_facelift.htm

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