Ultra-Thin PC Laptops ‘Ultrabooks’ Hitting Stores Now [Hardware]

There’s one market Apple virtually owns but everyone seems to forget about: the ultra-powerful and ultra-portable PC market. The Cupertino-based firm’s MacBook Air has really dominated the ultra-portable laptop segment of the computer market, but that may be about to change with the release of comparable ‘Ultrabooks’ from PC makers Acer and Asus. Acer S3 UltraBook Weights Less than 3 Pounds First, Acer’s offering. Coming in at just $899, the company’s S3 Ultrabook weighs less than three pounds but still manages to pack in a 20GB SSD for Windows 7, a 320GB HDD for all other storage, 4GB RAM, …

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Source: http://www.infopackets.com/news/hardware/2011/20111013_ultra_thin_pc_laptops_ultrabooks_hitting_stores_now.htm

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