‘Tonido’, and ‘Google SketchUp 8.0.1436’ [Software | Major Geeks]


Tonido is a free software service that makes your devices accessible from any Internet-connected computer, via a web browser. Tonido runs on a wide range of hardware platforms and has low system requirements, making it ideal for use in computer systems where hardware resources are in short supply.

Google SketchUp 8.0.1436

Here’s a software system that lets you redecorate your living room, invent a new piece of furniture, or model your city for Google Earth. There’s no limit to what you can draw with …

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Source: http://www.infopackets.com/news/software/major_geeks/2012/20120525_tonido_2_51_0_18312_and_google_sketchup_8_0_1436.htm

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